Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd May

OK, since when do hamburgers need helpers?
Someone to free the cow before it gets minced perhaps
You can't see my face, you lucky sod
Nice SoCal girl
Typical SoCal girls
(or wude dweebs)
Got my tequila ..
... it makes me happy ...
... it makes me happier still ...
(Every now and then through life, you have to suck a lemon or two.)
  ... it makes me dream!

  Julia's just happy you're not seeing the photo I didn't scan

  Why do I keep JJ in the dark?


Julia and Aubrey


Videoland made a small fortune out of us...

... for Mall Rats, (we'd both done Clerks and Chasing Amy), Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and not quite all of the Cowboy Bebop series.


Our last Del Taco for the summer and saying 'au revoir' at LAX...


All I can do here is publicly declare my love for Julia and promise that I'll be back.