Leckie & Leckie's Christmas party (9th December 2005)

First at The Living Room on George Street

My cracker prize was a kaleidoscope

Hamish, Rachel and baby Florence!

  Pass the baby...
John, Nic, Alan, Valerie, Nigel, Rachel, Hamish, Wendy, Pete, Sarah, Ian and Andi

John's a happy lad

Gotta love Alan's shirt


I think Alan had just discovered the lemon - or didn't want Nigel immortalising the back of his head.

  A small pud for a big lad

What did Fi say to Rachel?


then at a Celidh at The Assembly Rooms



  Nigel and Julia hit the floor. Who had the biggest bruises on their knuckles? Only Bupa knows and they don't tell.
  Fi and Andi got stuck in a photo–me booth
  Don't just stand there - get into focus!
  Mr & Mrs Leckie!
  And so this is my senior management team

The evening ended at a bar off St Andrew's Square . By this time my head was throbbing but it had been a great night.


Interlude: the Singletons are so photogenic and end of my Fairtrade work (for now)

What a struggle to get Daisy and Lily to sit still for a second

With wicked uncle Bruce

  Rosy is so cute




Will's chakra blazing in glory




The St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign folk threw a leaving dinner for me. I'm still bleary-eyed with emotion about this.



19th December - the Leckie crew organised a fantastic leaving event

The whole L&L Krew
  At Banns

This time not flashing at my colleagues

  I was honoured by the presence of Laura Furini of the Chiswick production department
Yummy food

and vegan mega-death cocktails



the gloves come out

  My third eye opens to show the love


The L&L production department in sane mode

  Sheila and Maggie of the SQA
  A french bloke tried to chat up Andi
  Andi gets floral!
  The survivors
  The SQA's artist created this amazing portrait of me. Just love the book titles and the reproduction of this site!
  Meanwhile the Leckie Krew had immortalised me