January 2010

3rd: the snow continued

Willie was buried.

8th: Phuket Pavilion

Fried rice was the best part of
‘We Will Rock You’.

17th: in Maplins

I want this book!

25th: Burns night

puncturing the pud

28–29th: Work in progress in the lounge at Servants' Quarters

So frightening I got the shakes



sheeting in progress

sheeting approaching the fireplace

The hall's ceiling is
intact once more.

31st: on Arran

I reaffixed Elly's mum's
bathroom shelving.

close-up of new bracket

intermediate view

'fixing' a kitchen drawer 1

'fixing' a kitchen drawer 2

'fixing' a kitchen drawer 3

'fixing' a kitchen drawer 4

'fixing' a kitchen drawer 5

'fixing' a kitchen drawer 6

we hired a Smart ForTwo

jPhone got us wet

looking back to Arran

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