Vienna 2010

17th: Friday

Edinburgh to Brussels

Brussels to Vienna

going into to the Viennese CAT

CAT ticket

along Vordere Zollamtstraße

along Vordere Zollamtstraße

Going up the ARS

outside our hotel at Nestroyplatz

Sue's entry

mum's surprise

mum, Sue and Billie

mum, Sue and Billie

Kathy, Sue, mum, Tom

Chris, Angela, mum, Tom

Elly, mum, dad

dinner at Cafe 3/4 Takt
('three-quarter time',
because Johann Strass

the star of the show

the star of the show

18th: Saturday

When we were last in Vienna, I saw Nußdorf from a boat. This was my chance to see it for real. Elly navigated us from Praterstraße to Julius-Raab-Platz. We then took tram 1 to Börse and then tram D all the way north to Nußdorf.

tram and bus ticket


politics on Schottenring

more politics

Even in Vienna, BP
has Wild Bean cafés!

Endstazion at Zahnradbahnstraße

Why it's called Zahnradbahnstraße

The Mystery Machine has
had a refresh!

Vienna is rightfully proud
of its social housing.

corner of Kahlenberger Straße

random statue


It's got to Elly!

But's she's back.

She'd been drinking

All you ever wanted to know
about Austro-Bavarian.

18th: Saturday (continued)

When we got off the tram at Nußdorf, we saw an advert for a wee train going up to the top of the Kahlenberg. We couldn't resist…


'train' ticket

Hand- and diabetic foot-care

more social housing?

I think the sign reads
'High-value equal-living place'

train advert

all aboard!

choo-choo auf Deutsch!

The M9 goes nowhere near here!


Ein Radler!


posh house en route

posh house en route

dutch-style roofs?

sign to 'Holy-town cemetery'!

more posh housing


King Hussein's house

She looks happy!

18th: Saturday (continued): at the top of Kahlenberg

looking around

view of Vienna

view of Vienna

view of Vienna

view of Vienna

St. Josef's

original Zahnradbahn
(toothed-wheel train) carriage
and bouncy toddler



The hippies have landed!

train arriving

last look at St Josef's

18th: Saturday (continued): down and out back to the hotel

precarious journey down

precarious journey down

The commentary was in Australian.

Wine makes me whine!

commentary about Heurig

'For you and your kids,
less salt is a health-boost!'

I can't quite translate this.

Zahnradbahn muriel

heuriger musik in Grinzing

more heuriger musik

The train was a truck!

Nußdorf tram stop and station

building detail

back at the incinerator

an important message at
Radetzky bridge

colourful graffiti

confluence of Wienfluß and Donau

18th: Saturday (continued): down and out back to the hotel

Billie, Tom, mum,
Random Bozo, Elly, Sue,
Kathy, Chris, Angela,

in Figlmüller

in Figlmüller

I'm taking my Schnitzel again!

19th: Sunday: bus tour, Café Aida and back to 3/4-Takt

going into the U-bahn

tour ticket


funky statue

the gang, changing bus

around the Opernring

going into the Hofburg

Heldenplatz in the Hofburg

preparations for …?

in the Hofburg

Parliament on Dr Karl Renner Ring

Parliament again

Parliament again

Parliament again

something to do with ORF

random statue

near the town hall

near the town hall

further around the ring

more politics

looking across the Donau
at Schwedenplatz

looking across the Donau
at Schwedenplatz



curry-house sign

in an Australian pub in Austria


I almost bought this.

back in 3/4-Takt

Cordon Bleu



20th: Sunday: The Jones family move on; to café Aida on Praterstern; mum, sue and Elly go shopping while Bruce and dad went to the Australian pub; Bruce and Elly depart

The Jones family departs

Sue in cafe Aida

centre of the Praterstern

You don't have to mind the gap
on an U-bahn.

Any relation to McDonalds?
Er, no.

Windows is shit everywhere!

Comsume (to) live.
Why consume even more?

Sue, mum and dad

Sue, mum and dad

going down!

tower at Schwechat

in the air 1

in the air 2

Vienna to Brussels

Bruce got lost...

Bruce got more lost...

Brussels to Edinburgh

Just in case we didn't send you a postcard…

Kahlenberg 1

Kahlenberg 2

Kahlenberg 3

how to speak Wienerisch

© (except the blatantly ripped-off bits) Random Bozo 2010