April 2010

3rd: Corrie to Brodick

Just a gentle shopping trip to start off a week of cycling on Arran


view from our coffee-stop

4th: Corrie to Lamlash

extending our range

looking back to Goat Fell

looking on to Lamlash

in Lamlash 1

in Lamlash 2

in Lamlash 3

in Lamlash 4

in Lamlash 4


looking back to Holy Isle


5th: The String!

I've blogged about it here

routemap, taken not long
before I set off

12_48: what I just cycled up
very slowly

12_48: looking around 1

12_48: looking around 2

12_48: looking around 3

12_48: looking around 4

12_48: looking around 5

12_48: looking around 6

12_48: looking around 7

12_51: near the top

13_12: at the top

13_40: near Shiskine 1

13_40: near Shiskine 2

13_40: near Shiskine 3

13_40: near Shiskine 4

13_40: near Shiskine 5

15_12: just after lunch
in Blackwaterfoot

16_12: about to go down this


6th: no cycling

Just administrivia.

7th: no cycling

My hostess met a friend in Brodick. I cycled towards Brodick, pondering visiting Blackwaterfoot. By the time I'd got to the top of the Brodick-Lamlash hill, my hostess texted me to say that she was cycling to meet me, so I turn round and headed north. We met just north of Brodick and cycled back north. Because the weather was very pleasant, we pushed on to Sannox before returning to Corrie.


8th: The Boguille

While my hostess dealt with some family matters, I cleaned mud from Vilior's chain and gears. I then headed for my last self-challenge for this visit: the Boguille. (It's pronounced ‘Bo-gillie’, by the way.) I think I set off around 3pm and reached the summit about 3:30. (I had one premature stop because of the wind.) I then headed on to Lochranza, bought some whisky at the Arran distillery and turned back towards Corrie. Back at the summit of the Boguille, my hostess texted me to say she was headed to meet me. We met just above the first rise northwest of Sannox and gently cycled back to Corrie.

routemap (satellite view)

routemap (contour view)

view upwards from
wind-enforced stop

view south-west from
wind-enforced stop

view south from
wind-enforced stop

where the wild wind blows


going up

going up again

back at the top

heading down

heading down towards
my hostess

9th: back in Edinburgh

9 miles is much easier when there is good tarmac and no hills.

Water of Leith path,
North Edinburgh path
Roseburn path

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