Random Bozo and Random Bozette do Český Krumlov

Thursday 6 March

a late birthday present - yeehah!

Random Bozette and wormy

Random Bozo and friend

lift to the main station

outside the main station

every mod con

on the train

Czech countryside

Czech countryside

Czech countryside

where we were

solar panels

Czech train bike compartment

Czech train bike compartment

Czech countryside

Czech countryside

Czech countryside

Křemže station

Křemže station

getting hilly

first sight of Český Krumlov

in Český Krumlov


spoilt for choice 1

spoilt for choice 2

Random Bozette

inside café Laibon

about café Laibon

outside café Laibon

Edinburgh to Prague to Český Krumlov

Random Bozo's 06:00 blog post

Random Bozo's 10:41 blog post

Random Bozo's 17:00 blog post

Random Bozo's 17:11 blog post

Random Bozo's 18:39 blog post


A lot of travelling today:

  1. 04:30 Taxi to Edinburgh arseport
  2. 07:10 Flight 6961 to Prague, arriving 10:35 Czech time
  3. 11:00 Bus to Praha hlavní nádraží (Prague main station). route map
  4. 13:33 Train R1545 Ferdinand Kindermann to České Budějovice, arriving 16:01
  5. 16:06 Train 0s8125 to Český Krumlov, arriving 16:56
  6. 17:00 Car to Pension Swět

The Randoms had promised themselves a return visit to Český Krumlov, after a flying visit last summer. Random Bozette magicked this trip for Random Bozo's birthday - Pension Swět was a recommendation from Expedia and is now highly recommended by the Randoms. Random Bozette also booked the flights, leaving train booking to Random Bozo. Booking czech trains online is easy (unless you want to book a bike at the same time) - the online shop just works. You'll end up with a PDF of A4 tickets - one page per person per leg.


We were picked up at the station by Renate, co-owner of Pension Swět. It's a lovely building on the side of a hill overlooking the loop of the Vltava that contains the main part of the town.

After unpacking and collapsing for a while, we ambled into town and ate at Café Laibon. TripAdvisor says it all.

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