Random Bozo and Random Bozette do central Europe - again!

In this website, if there is incorrect Hochdeutsch (standard German), Random Bozo is to blame. If there is incorrect dialect German, that’s Bismarck and Metternich’s fault for not creating a united Sprachraum. Do not take this to mean that Random Bozo supports a pan-Germanic Reich in any way.

By the way, this site uses God's own font: GillSans. Random Bozo attempted to use @font-face to make this render properly but if it doesn't, you need to get a Macintosh, install GillSans and use Safari as God and Steve Jobs have told you to.

Some of the movies on this site are over 8MB. All links to movies will include (movie) in their captions.

Random Bozo incorrectly assumed that he would be able to find software to rotate entire movies by 90° and so took quite a few movies with his camera on its end to make the most of the aspect ratio. So you may need to rotate your monitor – or your head – through 90° to optimise your viewing pleasure.